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tulle or netting (for 2 skirt layers)
lightweight fabric for underskirt
hook and loop tape
fabric for top band
silk flowers in assorted sizes
low-heat glue gun


1. Cut fabric as follows:
- For top band, cut a strip of fabric six inches wide by the outside measurement of the vanity tabletop plus one inch.
- For skirt, cut two pieces of tulle the length of the table plus two inches by three times the outside measurement of the tabletop. Cut one piece of lining the length of the table by three times the outside measurement of the table (piece lining as needed).
2. Fold skirt band in half lengthwise, wrong sides together and open out flat. Pin sew-on side of tape to right side of skirt band. Place tape about 1/4 inch from the center fold and stitch in place along the top and bottom edges.
3. Turn under and press 1/2 inch along the long edge of the skirt band on the opposite side of the fold from the hook and loop tape.
4. Fold band right sides together along fold line. Stitch ends of band with1/2 inch seam allowance. Trim corners diagonally; turn right side out and press.
5. Turn under and stitch a one-inch double-fold hem in the bottom edge of the skirt lining and stitch a narrow hem in the side edges of the skirt lining.
6. Layer the tulle skirt pieces and the lining (lining should be on the bottom ) and stitch two rows of machine basting through all layers along the top edge of skirt.
7. Pin right side of band to wrong side of skirt with raw edges even. Pull up on basting stitches to evenly gather skirt to band. Stitch with 1/2 inch seam allowance . Press seam allowance toward skirt band.
8. Pin folded edge of band over skirt seam (seam allowance will be tucked in the band) and topstitch close to the fold.
9. Clip flowers from stem and arrange as desired on skirt. Secure in place with glue.
10. Adhere remaining side of tape to the outer edge of the vanity table and attach skirt.

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