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Guests at a wedding last month in Gloucester, England, might have hummed �Here comes the dress� when they saw the 16-year-old bride. She was encased within a 30-layer, 350-pound, dress-like monstrosity made of 131 yards of silk, a mile�s worth of tulle material, a 60-foot-long train, and dozens of steel support hoops sewn into the skirt.

The scene was beyond bizarre. Helpers reportedly needed more than nine hours to get the teen into her �gown.� At the church, it took three men to lift her out of the pink glass carriage drawn by six horses and required 20 people at least 90 minutes to push her and the $45,000, eight-foot-wide dress through the church doors and down the aisle to meet the 17-year-old groom. Fourteen people heaved forth to carry her back out of the church.
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