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Tulle uses in Costumes
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This site will attempt to list all of the areas on the internet and in print showing the thousands of uses for
Tulle and Net.

Tulle and Net have been used in costuming; bridal dresses, veils and decorations; crafts; dance wear; tutus; home decoration; evening wear; fashion items such as hats, hair accessories, scarves and shawls; gift wrapping; novelty pens, gimmicks, costumes; ribbon and bows; toy bears and dolls.

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For baby showers, wedding gifts, gift baskets or wrapping several items up for your house guests, nothing beats the ethereal look of tulle. Bought either in yardage or ribbons in virtually any color, this versatile little netting can cinch up just about anything in a flash without going to too much trouble. Because the fabric is see-through, the look is ethereal.

To wrap with tulle, simply place an item in the center of a piece large enough to cover all the items. Gather all the fabric to the top and tie off with another length of tulle.

For a romantic dinner party, overlay a full tablecloth with a sheet of shimmering tulle.

Another bright idea is to take old, empty glass jars, cover them with sheer tulle fabric and put a candle inside.

Trend Alert: Tulle Drool
Twirl it, titillate it and twinkle it in tulle! This delicate fabric adds volume and femininity to any item - especially when poofing up dresses and skirts. These items, elicit tulle drool and make us happy. If you're looking for ways to femme up a wardrobe, look no further. So give tulle a twirl!

That's why we see Spring '08 as a nod to the 1980s' insouciant take on high society femininity. Pile on the ruffles, frills, and tulle and than rip it all up and hit the streets. Time after time.


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